Hi ~

I’m Emilia Wang, an artist, musician, astrologer and tarot reader.

I’ve been studying astrology since 2015, and have written for various publications, including artnet and PROPS PAPER.

What to Expect in ur Inbox ^-^

Heart Garden is a space for sharing my own thoughts and interpretation of the stars and of cycles of times. The newsletter is generally described as a monthly horoscope, focused on forecasting but also often reflective of the past, and ties together Western Astrology, Chinese astrology, and various divination practices I’m learning at the moment :)

And I can’t help but tie in all my various love affairs - around music (melodies, harmonies, rhythms), growing food, film, poetry, language. And right now, I’m thinking regularly about trauma, love, friendship…

I hope to see you and share some moments with you ~

xx Emilia